Trailer Thinking

Most people begin looking for kayak trailers because it will make their life easier. This is true. But in thinking about the specific trailer begin with your specific kayak or fleet of kayaks. I usually ask customers the following questions:

  1. How long is your longest kayak?
  2. How wide is your widest kayak?
  3. How many kayaks do you envision hauling on the same trip?
  4. What is the furthest distance you envision hauling kayaks?
  5. Do you want to add options for other items like bikes, ice chests or camping gear that you would like to haul with you?

We also discuss the hull shape of the kayaks. For recreational or sea kayaks hulls are standard, but some sit-on tops and most fishing kayaks have more complex hull designs to be considered.

When it comes to trailer construction and components, considerations should include:

  1. Material. What steel gauge?
  2. Size of tires. Are the tires high speed? Can the wheel bearings be greased?
  3. Is the frame welded or bolted together?
  4. What is the length of the tongue?
  5. What is the protective coating on the frame?
  6. Is the wiring internal to the frame?

Check out our Specification section for more specific information concerning the construction of our trailer!

Custom Trailer Thinking

Our basic philosophy is simple: build the best quality kayak trailer that best meets the use of our customers at the best price.
We do this by using a foundation of a high- quality welded frame that is dipped galvanize and we work our way to the provide for the customer preferred use. We have several examples to discuss.

Case 1. A customer limited to the use of one arm, wanted a trailer for his heavy fishing kayak and to also bring his wife’s long sea kayak. The was a beautiful hybrid trailer with conventional J-hooks on one side and a two- bunk configuration on the other side of the trailer with a winch to load the fishing kayak unto the trailer.

Case 2. A family travels to Florida and other warm winter spots and likes to camp. We built a “chuck wagon” on an extended frame with ample storage for food and camping to their design and then added high risers to hold their sea kayaks fir their ling excursions.

Case 3. An engineer at a local boat manufacturer had an assortment of light boats and kayak including a dingy. We built a trailer to haul multiple boats simultaneously including a plate arrangement to haul a light outboard motor for the dingy.

Case 4. Often folks with motorized trail bikes like to bring them along, we built a trailer for a customer with and deck, a wheel chuck and rails with raised risers for his kayaks.
This sort of thing is fun, and we have great customers with whom we are pleased to work with to get it right.

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We are proud that every trailer we sell have these strong materials and specifications, making it one of the most durable trailers available and entirely built in the USA!

Standard Features

  • Welded frame.
  • Dipped Galvanized-external and internal.
  • Internal wiring with water resistant lighting.
  • Optimal frame design to reduce tongue strain and swayback.
  • 12” wheels.
  • Double leaf springs.
  • Upholstered bunks.
  • 14’,16’ and 18’ lengths… special frames for a 20′ trailer for competition long kayaks available.
  • 58” and 70’ width.
  • Side lights.
  • Safety chains.
  • 14 gauge steel
  • 1 1/2″ x 3″ channel steel.
  • LED lights


  • Jack stand
  • Spare tire and bracket.
  • Longer tongue
  • Galvanized bunks.
  • Extra wide bunks.
  • Plywood deck.
  • Cargo baskets.
  • Bike rack receiver
  • Detachable tongue
  • Other special customizing options.

The complete paddlesports transport solution that is “Built to last”.

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We would love to discuss with you the best trailer configuration for you…let’s chat. We are here to answer your questions.  

We take great care to help you design your trailer that best accommodates your gear. Let us know the length and model of your kayaks, whether you want to bring bikes with you and if you already have a bike rack that attaches to a hitch at the rear of your vehicle. Also are you interested in storage racks that secure in-frame for cargo containers? We will send you a cost spreadsheet once we have this information.

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