Wilderness Adventure Trailer specializes in kayak trailers, fishing trailers,  and other specialty trailers for water sports. We provide our customers with the best way to get your gear to your next adventure safely and quickly at reasonable prices.

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Kayak Kaboose Kayak Trailer

Kayak Trailers

Kayak Kaboose-Mesa

This is our first original design for sea kayaks, which are longer. This design is preferred by customers who want to use J-hooks or other more sophisticated hull supports. There is less wind resistance and the stress of transport is distributed over the strongest dimension of the kayak, its edge or side gunnel and chines.

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Kayak Trailers

Hobo 2 – Brindle

The Hobo 2 is designed for two fishing kayaks and comes in a 70” footprint.  It has eye bolt tie downs for the kayaks. A second level for an extra kayak (not fishing kayak) or two.  A storage shelf for storage containers, ice chests and other equipment.

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Hobe 2 Kayak Trailer

HOBO – 1

The Hobo is our most recent design.  The Brindle 1 is designed to have lots of space for storage and hauling a single fishing kayak.
We have two widths available the 58” and the 70” frames.
It has eye bolt tie downs.  There is also room for an extra kayak (not a wide fishing kayak), storage totes, ice chests and mounted rod cases.

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Kaboose Tree

This is the historic look of a kayak/canoe trailer and useful to haul many kayaks at the same time.  Usually, hull supports are not used on this design.   There is ample room for in-frame storage.   A tongue receiver is available for other hauling options.

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This is our “big daddy” that has room for 14 kayaks with its 3-tiered design.  Available in 16’ and 18’. It is designed to safely carry a load of kayaks on freeways and back roads.
Comes with a stabilization bar and risers.
Base price is $1,755 for trailer and jack stand (does not include any other option)

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Custom Trailer

Our basic philosophy is simple: build the best quality kayak trailer that best meets the use of our customers at the best price.
We do this by using a foundation of a high-quality welded frame that is dipped galvanize and we work our way to the provide for the customer preferred use. We have several examples to discuss.

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Set up to carry your light/pontoon sail boats.
Comes with mast support, winch and pontoon guides
The base price is $1,365 for the trailer and jack stand (does not include spare or any other option).

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