We take great care to help you design your trailer that best accomodates your gear. Let us know the length and model of your kayaks, whether you want to bring bikes with you and if you already have a bike rack that attaches to a hitch at the rear of your vehicle. Also are you interested in storage racks that secure in-frame for cargo containers. We will send you a cost spreadsheet once we have this information.

Trailer price list

Kayak Kaboose                        $ 900 to $ 1,500  (depends on options)

Kayak kub                                     $ 919  (1 set cross bars)

Kub sailor                                    $ 999

Kayak Kommander                  $ 1,319

Karry Kub                                     $919

The Fisherman                            $975



Storage Rack                                      $70

Spare and bracket                            $125

Jack stand                                           $55

J-hooks (set of 2)                                $80

Bike Mast with cradles                   $225

Bike rack hitch                                   $75

Custom length risers                       $25@

Oversized bunks (set of 2)              $25

Hammock masts (2)                        $100

Extra cross bars (single)                   $62

Base trailer prices vary by length of the trailer:

length width Gross weight limit Trailer weight
14’ 42” 900 lb 240 lb
16’ 42/54” 900 lb 240 lb
18’ 54” 1200 lb 280 lb